Saturday, 28 March 2015

How to read epub files

EPUB books are open-source formatted e-books that people can download. EPUB files are often incompatible with proprietary e-readers like the Amazon Kindle. An EPUB file is actually 2 files, a .zip file containing the data and an XML file that describes the data in the .zip file. [1]You can open EPUB files by converting them or downloading a reader program.

1Download an EPUBReader add-on for your Firefox browser. If you read books while accessing the Internet, this free add-on is a perfect fit. Go to and search for EPUB Reader. You may need to close and restart your browser to gain access to your add-on

2.Magic Scroll Ebook Reader for Chrome Google Chrome browser go to Chrome Webstore and search for Magic Scroll Ebook Reader in there.Then after the search results are shown to you-install the extension for your browser.
Add books to magicscroll.jpg
3.Go to Magic Scroll official website while still working in Chrome to start adding Epub files to your library.Click on add a book to your library to start working with this browser extension.


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