Sunday, 29 December 2013

Make free calls from PC to mobile

Hello guys,Today in the world almost every one or the other person has cell phones.They use their cell phones in one or the other way,mostly for talking,chating etc.But the thing is that,they pay for their talk.that is different company's have different call rates.But today , you can make free phone calls right from your PC(personal computer).Sounds good right!If you are addicted to talking on mobile phones hours and hours , so this article is for you!.Yes , you are right. Now actually you can make free phone calls right from your PC to any mobile in the world! There are many apps online which make free phone calls but after some times they apply call rates for that and you have to pay for using that service.But there are some other apps also which allows us to make free phone calls.!

1.Yahoo Messenger  
So , the thing is that yahoo messenger allows us to make free phone calls , but now it works in India also! 
We can make free calls from PC to mobile with the help of this app. 
Step by Step Guide:    
(i)Download Yahoo Messenger and install it on your device 
(ii)Now, you need to login with your account. If you already have a Yahoo account so log in with that , or if you don't have any account so you can register first and then login into your account.You can register for Yahoo account from here .  

(iii)Now when you have completely installed Yahoo Messenger on your device , then click on Yahoo Call and just then select call a phone number from my PC. 
(iv)Now Dial this toll free number ''1800373341'' and your call will be connected. 
(v)Now , you can open free call option by saying it through microphone. 
(vi)Now a short advertisement will load , and then dial your destination number and enjoy your free call :):):) 
Icall is one of best applications to make free calls form PC to mobile. It also offers only free calls for the number in USA and Canada. 
(i)Go to icalls official site and register a free account there 
(ii)Then download it and enjoy your call 
(iii)You can also make online calls with web service using icall 
3. Call2Friends 
This is another app which supports free calling from pc to right to our mobile.Here you don't even need to login into your account . Just visit and allow your microphone access and start enjoying your free phone calls . 
4.Voip Buster
This is another service which gives free phone calls right from our pc . But it has some other instructions which you must read while going with this app. Here you can enjoy free phone calls in some countries only with a daily limit of 60min. 
5. Site2Sms 
Like all other apps this site also provides free calls from pc to mobile but according to me this site is good for people of India , as it works in India only. We can make a total of 15 calls/2min/perday .which seems to be better 
6. Google Voice  
This is a service which is offfered by Google. This service provides free calls from your pc to mobile in US and CANADA . For other countries you will be charged  .

See the background image?


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