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Its WWE Dean Ambrose Vs Seth Rollins [World Heavyweight Championship]

Yes,its Dean Ambrose Vs. Seth Rollins in coming Money In The Bank 2015.Its already been ever finished that Dean Ambrose won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the past and its probably been the right time for Seth Rollins to take the Revenge.
Seth Rollins will try to repossess his WWE World Heavyweight Championship from Dean Ambrose when he faces Ambrose in a dangerous championship Ladder Match at WWE Money in the Bank 2015. The first Superstar on June 14 to scale a ladder and grab WWE’s top prize from high above the ring will be declared the victor.

Though Ambrose and much of the WWE Universe may already consider The Lunatic Fringe the rightful WWE World Heavyweight Champion following the events of WWE Elimination Chamber, Rollins remains the titleholder on record. Ambrose pinned Rollins in a thrilling but controversial match that saw two WWE referees issue contradictory rulings. Ultimately, the official decision was ruled a disqualification win for Ambrose, meaning Rollins retained the title.

Unsatisfied with the outcome, however, the WWE Universe’s most beloved outlaw absconded with the championship.

Ambrose’s needling of The Authority’s poster boy is reminiscent of last year, when The Lunatic Fringe hijacked Rollins’ Money in the Bank briefcase. In that instance, Ambrose stole the coveted briefcase because Rollins and The Authority metaphorically stole the Money in the Bank Ladder Match victory from The Lunatic Fringe in the first place, with Kane assisting Rollins and preventing Ambrose from winning.

Since The Shield’s breakup, Ambrose and Rollins have gone at it hammer and tongs (and ladders) in a variety of dangerous matches, with each conflict raising the stakes and intensity of the one before it. What will happen at Money in the Bank when Ambrose again sets his sights on the Superstar who betrayed him?

Will The Lunatic Fringe finally make Rollins pay the ultimate price, the WWE World Heavyweight Title? Or will Rollins, so obsessed with regaining his title, rise to the challenge of the unpredictable Ambrose?

Lets watch the outcome only at WWE. :)


  1. I know that Dean is going to win money in the Bank 2015 as he's the only one who deserves it!

  2. Dean Ambrose sucks as he's the only Giant Lunatic!wait not Gaint he's *** Lunatic and also the Authority Sucks as all the WWE is fixed.I say all the matches has rehersal practice before final day and nothing is left to say as real fight!
    I am again memorising the days when Stone Cold Steve Austin used to fight with The Rock and that type of matches were completely legal,but now it sucks!

  3. You guys are still watching WWE.I say pardon.Leave watching WWE and go to hell.I mean watch TNA it's perfect. LOLZ

  4. I don't care who will but only winner is going to be your is mr. Money in the bank weather is you called turn back by roman on become Ambrose champion or break the future of seth...

  5. Michelle Jones4 June 2015 at 04:57

    Dean Ambrose will become the champ. Regins is a superman and always will beDean Ambrose will become the champ. Regins is a superman and always will be

  6. he is true winner and he will prove it #lunaticfringe #wwe dean ambrose

  7. Dean Ambrose winDean Ambrose win

  8. why giving ambrose a second chance !! .. ITS ORTON TIMMEEEE .. stop making regins a superman , thats stupid .. we dont want another cena

  9. Jeffery Williams4 June 2015 at 05:01

    Divas Ladder Match at Money In the Bank? #GivedivasaChanceDivas Ladder Match at Money In the Bank? #GivedivasaChance

    1. What the heck?From where Divas now come I mean from where there matches come???

  10. seth rollins win

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