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WINDOWS: Security Architecture Of Windows

There are three components of Windows Security  

1. LSA (Local Security Authority) 

2.SAM (Security Account Manager) 

3. SRM (Security Reference Manager) 

1. LSA (Local Security Authority)  

LSA is a central part of "NT" Security.It is also known as Security Subsystem.It maintains the local security policy.It verifies the users logging on to the windows,creates token and also handles password.One thing to keep in mind is that here if we force "lsass.exe" to terminate so we'll lose it's account and our PC will restart.Always remember that if "lsass.exe" file is running from somewhere else location so that "lsass.exe"file is not always but can be virus or any other malware.This file is located in "C:\Windows\System32"  


During the log on of the machine a person types his/her "username" and "password" to log in. Then password is sent in a secret format using hash function.Here it calls right appropriate  authentication package.Then "LSA" uses this authentication to prepare or generate appropriate security access token.

2. SAM (Security Account Manager)   

The "SECURITY ACCOUNT MANAGER" is a database in our operating system which contains our username and password and interesting thing is that it can also be found our "HARD DRIVE" When ever we make a new account and password it gets stored in our "SAM" file.Here in SAM each windows password can be assigned which is in encrypted form.When other service operates and everything goes clear than it announces other service available , so that other service can start accessing the SAM database. Remember when our operating system starts then this SAM file can not be access or becomes inaccessible.  

Windows Security files are located at “C:\Windows\System32\Config\SAM” Generally most Windows can be manually configured to disable the hashes which results to the invalid LM hashes when the user changes their password.Remember the Sam file cannot be moved or copied  while windows is running as Windows files system keeps a continuous watch on SAM file.The SAM file will only release and open the lock until the "BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH" has been thrown away or our operating system has been shut down.  

 3. SRM (Security Reference Manager)  

 The Security Reference Monitor is a security architecture component that is used to control the user request to access objects in the system.The Security Reference Monitor enforces access validation and audit generation policy.When ever a person wants to access the particular file so SRM validates our request. 


 Here the reference monitor verifies our access token requests where a good example is Windows NT Line which not onlt includes Windows 2000 but also Windows XP which does not contain any reference monitor and was designed completely with different architecture.and also Windows 3.x and 9.x were also not build with any reference monitor


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