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How I Made $465 From A Simple Website With Less Than 10 Visitors

Copyright & Legal Notice and Disclaimer
All rights are reserved including resale rights. You do not have resale rights for this report.
By reading this document you assume all risks associated with using the advice given
below with a full understanding that you, solely, are responsible for anything that may occur
as a result of putting this information into action in any way, and regardless of your
interpretation of the advice.
Thanks for downloading this free case study.
I like to create very simple PDF case studies that are waffle free and easy
to understand, no boring videos, membership sites and all that nonsense.
I want to show you how I made a total of $465 by creating a very basic
affiliate website, ranking it almost immediately for highly targeted “buyer”
terms, getting sales from less than 10 visitors and then selling it for some
quick cash. It wasn’t hard to do at all as you’ll see.
I decided I wanted to build a site around a product name and a country
name. I chose the hair loss niche and Canada as the country.
I headed over to MarketHealth and chose Provillus which is a hair regrowth
product for men and women.

The commissions are excellent. Either $40 CPA or 50% revshare.
chose the 50% revenue share.
I went to Namecheap and registered I emailed
Markethealth to make sure I was allowed to use “Provillus” as part of a
domain name. They said it was fine.
I then downloaded Wordpress and created a simple blog about Provillus
and how to get it in Canada.
As you can see above I had a little bit of information on the homepage
about Provillus for Men and Provillus for Women with a couple of “click
here to order” links and a very simple navigation menu along the top with a
testimonials and review page. I went to Fiverr and got a custom header
created for $5.
Once the site was complete I went to Google Webmaster Tools and
submitted the homepage URL and the other pages to Google. I also set
the geotargeting
so I was targeting Canada.
To do this you simply enter your website, follow the verification
instructions, then once your site is verified click on the “Crawl” link on the
left hand side and then on “Fetch as Google”. Then enter the URL’s you
want indexed. I find that pages are indexed almost immediately doing this.
To set country targeting click on “Search Traffic” and then on “International
Targeting”. Then you can choose the language and country. Click “Save”.
Just 4 days after registering the domain name and creating the site my first
sale popped up. It was a $35 commission, followed 5 days later by
another sale which resulted in an $80 commission.
So $115 in commissions in less than a week. This was from just 10 unique
visitors coming to my site from Google Canada, although there may have
been less than that as at least one click was from me testing the link was
Because the traffic was laser targeted I didn’t need many visitors to make
sales. Here’s a screenshot of the traffic/search terms.
As you can see from the image above they are great product name
“buyer” keyword phrases. These visitors have done the product research
reading Provillus reviews etc. on other websites and are ready to buy.
I decided at this point I would “flip” the site for some quick cash. I could
have kept hold of it and continued to collect the commissions but I
decided to sell it. So I listed the site on Flippa and sold it for $350 which is
actually pretty low for a site with $115 in earnings. In hindsight I should
have set the BIN price higher.
The website actually has three top 10 rankings for the term: Provillus
Canada as I created more than just a one page site.
I did no backlinking (I hate building backlinks!) before listing the site for
sale, but I decided to outsource some backlinks for $5 on Fiverr for the
new owner.
I hope you enjoyed reading this short case study. I’ll have more case
studies available for you to download soon so keep an eye out for them in
your inbox.
Thanks for reading. If you have any questions please do get in touch.


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