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How to download Movies

Today Internet has become the largest marketplace in the world.Whether be it in the place of shopping or be it in the place of exporting and importing,internet is surely the biggest marketplace which is ever known to the whole world till date. 

         Some of us go to the nearest movie shop to buy CD's/DVD's but now the world has changed.You can download movies online and absolutely free of cost.To download movies free of cost continue the reading till the end.

There are two methods which we can use to download movies online. 

1.First method includes paid websites which offers movies.
Here are some of the famous paid sites which offers movies where you can pay and download the movie and watch it on your phone/pc/tablet/iphone/or any other device. 

 1.Google Play:

 2.Itunes          :

 3.Amazon       :

 4.Netflix         :
Here you have to make an account and sign up using your username and password and email address.Then you have to select your movie and download it .To download you have to select the stream and quality and also the device.And at last click download. 

2.Second method is to download movies from free sources.
You can download the movies from free sources also.

Download and install a bittorent client.Now you may ask why I should use bittorent,let me tell you,while many other file sharing protocols exist.Bitorrent is the most effective and popular method for downloading movies.Infact most of the movies you can download absolutely free! search your movies to download for example I take the movie "Hobbit". 
In this way you can download the movies absolutely free of cost.


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