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How To Become a Hacker

There is a community and shared culture of expert programmers and networking wizards that traces its history back through decades to the first time-sharing minicomputers and the earliest ARPAnet experiments. The members of this culture were the first "hackers." Breaking into computers and phreaking phone systems have come to symbolize hacking in popular culture, but hacking culture is much more complex and moralistic than most people know. Learn basic hacking techniques, how to think like a hacker, and how to gain respect in order to crack your way into the complex world of hacking.
Part 1 of 3: Learning Basic Hacking Skills 1 Run Unix. Unix is the operating system of the Internet. While you can learn to use the Internet without knowing Unix, you can't be an Internet hacker without understanding Unix. For this reason, the hacker culture today is pretty strongly Unix-centered. A Unix like Linux can run along side Microsoft Windows on the same machine. Download…

CM Punk will fight in the UFC,Former WWE Champion Announces at UFC 181

CM Punk will fight in the UFC Octagon. The former WWE champion, who abruptly departed the pro wrestling world earlier this year, is switching over to full-time professional MMA. That's the scoop straight from the horse's mouth, as the 36-year-old himself broke the news to UFC broadcaster Joe Rogan Saturday night during the pay-per-view broadcast of UFC 181:
It's very awesome to be here. You know, this is something that's been in the back of my mind for a very, very long time. I have a background in kenpo. I've done Brazilian jiu-jitsu off and on for a very, very long time. But the idea of being able to step in the Octagon and find out what's inside myself and test myself is an opportunity I was not able to deny myself.
Punk (real name Phillip Brooks) said his weight class is not quite finalized, though he will "most likely" compete at middleweight. A test weight cut in the near future will help him decide for sure, though, and Punk said "w…